About Us

Structured Technology Solutions, Inc. empowers Federal Information Technology (IT) contractors to provide a complete Software Quality Assurance solution to the Federal Government. With our expertise in the Software Development LifeCycle Support Services, we feel the VIST method offers our clients an independent, accountable, and unbiased venue.

Founded in 2002, the Principals of STSI established the company with the objective of closing the gap between our customersí goal of developing and sustaining a Quality Assurance component to their initiatives and their ability to successfully implement and maintain the quality of the end product. STSI evolved out of the principalsí previous experiences working with other effective, strong, and well-positioned Federal Contractors. Exposure to seriously, ill-planned application development projects, including web portal development resulted in mediocre deliverables, frustrating end users, animated our principals to find a way toward change. Thus STSI was founded with the primary focus of ensuring quality applications are delivered to our customers by providing the technical knowledge and expertise needed to monitor and properly access deliverables prior to final acceptance.